Sam Inman

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John Ketola

"My wife and I have dealt with agents for almost 40 years. We were involved in the building industry for many years. We have seen Ms. Inman handle listings, sales, and closing of properties with integrity, honesty and confidentiality. I can say that my wife and I hold Ms. Inman in the highest regard for what we've come to know as a very outstanding professional and friend."

Michael & Michelle Berndt
Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Sam's Internet Marketing Skills: This area was of particular importance to us since so many people use the internet as a research tool. Sam's web site presentations are very attractive. We preferred her photos and property descriptions over other agents. This may have been instrumental in the sale of our home since our buyer was "out of state". Her advertisements in our local publications are attractive as well. She was always punctual, organized, and diligent about keeping us informed which smoothed the sales process from our initial consultation with her throughout the entire escrow process. Sam's strong work ethic, prompt service, and rapt devotion to her career and clients not only distinguish her from her peers, but make her an excellent candidate for your listing agent"

Joe Gardner
Burbank, CA

"I would say that selecting Sam Inman as your realtor is a great choice. Her passion and enthusiasm speaks for itself. More than that, however, her knowledge of the market, her resources, her organization and ability to respond quickly is something that goes beyond “personality”. Those are skills that come with experience and record of successful sales in a tough real estate market. She is an aggressive and talented realtor who will work for you and with you. My experience with Sam Inman has been exceptional. I was lucky enough to find Sam through one of her mailings. Once I met with her I knew I had the right person to help me sell my mother’s house and I am so fortunate for having made that decision."

Rolfe Hebert
Post Falls, ID

"I placed my home on the market in early spring 2007 with a different realtor and different company. Then in July of 2007 I decided to list my home with Sam Inman because I was extremely impressed with her drive, hard work ethic and knowledge of the real estate market. Sam sat down with us and went over her aggressive marketing plan, developed a strategy and then implemented it! She sold our home within the first month to my amazement considering I had been listed with a previous realtor before Sam for over 6 months with little activity and no offers. If you want a go-getter, someone that was raised with a hard work ethic, someone that spends lot of money advertising your home so it gets exposure and gets marketed to tons of buyers, and works long hours then I highly recommend, Sam Inman."

Lance & Elisa Real
Spirit Lake, ID

"We have dealt with other Realtors in the past and lets just say the difference between a Realtor and a passionate Realtor makes a huge difference, Sam is passionate at what she does and making your dreams come true. I am proud to say that Sam Inman is my Realtor and without a thought will go to her for any further real estate needs and recommend her to everyone I know that needs a Realtor. "

Rob Barry

“Sam Inman is not only the best real estate expert in the Coeur d’Alene/Hayden/Post Falls area but probably one of the best agents in the country. She is the hardest working agent I have ever met. I have purchased and sold over 20 houses in 3 states and Sam is by far the best I have been fortunate to work with. As an out of state buyer she has provided me immediate and detailed information every time I have sought information. I can set my watch on her responsiveness. Incredibly, she responds to email inquiries within minutes after I hit send, over and over again. She also makes excellent use of video recording. For an out of state buyer she has a unique ability to offer a detailed video walkthrough of a house you might be interested in. Using her knowledge of important features (good and bad) she incorporates a narrative with her walkthrough videos that is almost better than being there yourself. She has detailed knowledge of the local areas, understands neighborhood dynamics and has an eye for detail in home features and design. She also understands market conditions and due to her very active participation in the local CDA market can provide very sound advice in helping one make a decision on a real estate matter. I bought a house from Sam and encouraged my son to do the same. We both have been very happy with working with Sam and hope to do more business with her in the future"

Glen & Susan Garcia
Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Sam has excellent follow-up. Sam does what she says she will do. She will also keep you informed along the way. She will develop a plan, then work the plan. Sam followed through on every aspect of her plan. Sam is energetic, positive, and enthusiastic, which makes working with her fun! Our home ended up selling in a month in one of the slowest real estate market periods!"

Bill Erlenbusch

"Sam was the third agent to list my home. Her competence level and professionalism was significantly higher than the previous agents. She implemented a comprehensive, aggressive marketing plan and showings resulted immediately. Her communication was excellent throughout the listing period to closing. In a difficult sellers market, I had a serious buy offer within two months and a sale one month later. Based on my past experience with many agents, Sam is exceptional"

The Seaman Family

"After listing with another agent for 2 years we decided to switch to Sam and it was clearly one of the best decisions we ever made. She got our house sold in a few months. Difference between the two was night and day. Sam was always available with advice and direction, not to mention, someone we could lean on when undecided, worried, or in doubt. She listened always and was very diplomatic with our thoughts and ideas and especially realistic as it pertained to market trends. After selling our home she shined equally as our buying agent, arranging for showings and so in tune with the market and it's potentials that it allowed us to be in the best position for negotiations. It was truly comforting to have her on our side and that was the first house we sold with her. Two years after that we re-listed during one of the most difficult times the market had seen and of course we turned to Sam with the greatest of confidence. Needless to say we were not disappointed and she got our house sold again and then helped us find another perfect home. I could go on and on with so many other subtle details but the bottom line is, as an agent and especially as a person, Sam Inman is remarkable, I mean truly, truly, remarkable"

Steve & Dee Mayor

"In a really tough and down market the house managed to get sold quickly, we believe that your diligence in advertising had everything to do with that. We have sold other homes in other areas but never was any Realtor more on top of things than you. Steve and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. As you know, we interviewed two other Realtors and their company’s but in the end we chose you. We chose you because of your high energy and optimism. We felt you had a good advertising budget and that you were using it to promote your clients homes. It was our pleasure to work with you and have you as our agent. We will highly recommend you to our friends and family. So if anyone wants a get-er-done agent, you are definitely the one."

Dirk & Linda Schwartz

To Whom It May Concern: We have recently had the pleasure of working with Sam Inman of the Inman Girls at Windermere Real Estate. She listed our home for sale and it sold in two days. We had decided to change realtors after having it listed three times with another realtor with no activity whatsoever. Sam was amazing! She was so thorough in the way she marketed our home, and all done within hours of our listing with her. The sign was up immediately, and it was listed on MLS and Zillow by the next morning. Throughout the entire process she kept us informed and returned our emails/phone calls promptly, always watching out for our best interests. We were so impressed! We also enlisted Sam’s help in finding a new home and were equally impressed with her attention to the details that we were looking for. She helped us find a home, and the entire process went very smoothly.

James & Twyla Smith

We were very pleased to have Sam Inman as our Realtor. She had an extremely positive attitude about our home and the prospects of selling it from the beginning. The amazing thing is that Sam sold our home in less than a week after she put it on the market for us! And for the price we were asking! You can't get any better than that! We always felt very comfortable with her and we knew that she was really working for us! She works in a very professional manner. We always heard back from Sam within 24 hours anytime we had questions or concerns, but usually much sooner, like that day and many times within the hour. We were never inconvenienced with last minute showings. We have referred Sam to many of our acquaintances. We highly recommend her services and would definitely use them again should the need arise!

David & Marcia Good

“In the 46 years that we have bought and sold properties in three states, Sam is the best we have ever worked with. She did an amazing job of marketing our house and it sold in less than a month. She was always there to answer our questions and her advice was the best. As we were moving out of state, Sam even gave us sound advice on places we were interested in to buy. It helped so much. Besides being an awesome person, she is professional, smart and very hard working. We would recommend her to anyone. If you want to sell your house, give Sam a try, you won't be sorry that you did.”

Mike & Sheena Rawson

"We have purchased multiple investment properties throughout the country. Sam Inman has surpassed my expectations, not only as a dedicated Real Estate Agent but as a person too. Her ability to negotiate with fairness to both parties and her great knowledge of the area puts her on top. Sam is a hard worker, professional and kind. Sam’s ethics and service is exceptional, I feel fortunate to have Sam as our Realtor. I would highly recommend her to anyone."